Taizé is an ecumenical (open to all Christians) form of prayer founded in Taizé, France and modeled after its monastic community. The purpose of the prayer is to foster reconciliation and peace among all people. The service consists of simple song, scripture, and an extended period of silence for meditation concluding with prayers for the world.


Taizé is on hiatus but may be offered in future. Check back for updates! 


The 2022-2023 season featured usually second Fridays September to May, 7:30pm.


Prayer around the Cross was celebrated during the March Service. Participants were invited to approach the Cross and make a gesture such as placing their foreheads on it, symbolizing the giving over of our burdens to Christ.


Recordings and Books are available in the United States through GIA.


To learn more about the Taize Commmunity visit: http://www.taize.fr/en