Parish Choir


  • The choir serves the 11:15am mass September to Pentecost, adjourning during summer. The choir is open to a wide age range but tends toward high school and older. We seek to expand in every voice type. Please see Choir Flyer. We are also recruiting for a professional schola cantorum which will serve the second 4pm Vigil mass of the month, September to May. Please see Schola Flyer.

  • Rehearsals are Thursday 7-8:30pm, and closer to Christmas and Easter, 7-9pm.

  • Repertoire of the choir spans a variety of styles but tends to focus on sacred music.​

  • The choir supports the congregation and augments its singing with harmony and descant. Additionally, the choir sings 500 years of choral literature most often as prelude, offertory, or both.

  • Previous choral experience and ability to read music are helpful. The choir moves quickly, and it will be necessary to respect the process of preparation through consistent attendence and attention to time.​

  • For more information, please contact our Director of Music Ministry, Patrick Wickliffe, at 513-367-9086, ext. 223 or pwickliffe@stjb.net. Please see Sunday Liturgy for current Schedules and Service Music.



  • SJB welcomes instrumentalists who provide support and ornament congregational singing. 

  • SJB enjoys instrumental ensembles such as brass quintet and timpani at Christmas and Easter, but also on other important occasions. Area musicians, both contracted and volunteer, regularly enjoy our beautiful acoustic.  

  • Scheduling is flexible and allows instrumentalists to choose level of involvement and mass preference.



  • SJB is blessed with many gifted cantors who lead the assembly in worship. A pleasant voice, welcoming demeanor, and leadership are essential. This ministry is open to High School and older. Training and weekly rehearsal provided.

  • Cantors typically serve weekend masses and often also occupy other roles in the ministry of the church such as Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion or choir member. Other liturgies often featuring cantors include funerals and weddings, school mass, penance services, Stations of the Cross, and other special liturgies. 

  • Contracted opportunities are available for those who wish to offer their gifts professionally. However, most SJB cantors are volunteers.

  • Required materials may be acquired at Sunday Liturgy under Worship Aid (Current Week & Supporting Materials, updated every Tuesday afternoon; also available via email upon request) and Musician Schedules. 

  • Scheduling is coordinated both within our scheduling system, Ministry Scheduler Pro, and through manual entry by our Director of Music Ministry.



  • SJB is blessed with a 32-rank Schantz (Op. 1834, 1978) originally designed for the former Second Church of Christ, Scientist (now Probasco Auditorium) at University of Cincinnati. 

  • In 2019, the organ was acquired by SJB and reconfigured for the new church. The organ and its current specifications are included in the Pipe Organ Database of the Organ Historical Society.

  • There is the possibility of a console upgrade and slight tonal expansion. The organ may be heard every week and serves a vast and fine repertoire, adding luster bold & subtle to the aesthetic of our celebration. Our Director of Music Ministry is a member of the Cincinnati Chapter American Guild of Organists and shares an enthusiasm for the many compelling educational and enrichment possibilities of the pipe organ such as creative hymn introductions, harmonizations, registrations, and improvisations. 

  • Demonstration video coming soon! Stay tuned for this and weekly updates at Sunday Liturgy.