Church Donations


Online Giving

St. Johns has the ability to accept donations online via WeShare.  You can set up recurring donations or one-time donations.  Such donations can be for regular Sunday collections or for Holy Days, special collections, or other events, and organizations the parish supports.

New Church Giving

Donations continue to be appreciated to fund the new church, as a gap still exists in fully funding the building.  Donations can be made in the regular collection baskets (clearly designating the payment is for the new church), Required Minimum Distribution designations (see below), or stock donations through the Capital Campaign Foundation (see below).


Donations to Meet Required Minimum Distribution Requirements (“RMDs”)

A method of reducing your taxes and helping St. Johns is by making a gift directly from your IRA to the church or new church fund using what is called a qualified charitable distribution (QCD).  Traditionally, people who contribute large amounts to charity itemize their deductions and receive a tax benefit for their gifts. However, under the current tax law, many of these same people will be better off using the new standard deduction.  But In doing so – in not itemizing – they get no tax benefit from donating to a charity.  However, with a QCD, the benefit still exists because the contribution lowers adjusted gross income, and the benefit of taking the large standard deduction still exists. 

St. John’s can be a recipient of RMDs for either regular donations or donations to the new church.  Following are the processes for each.


Regular Church Donation

The RMD check should be made out to “St. John the Baptist” and mailed to the parish office at 509 Harrison Ave, Harrison, OH 45030.


New Church Donation

The RMD check should be made out to the “Catholic Community Foundation” and mailed to the Catholic Community Foundation at 100 E. Eighth St., Cincinnati, OH 45202.


Important Note for both:  Please be sure  either your name or your 6 digit CCF# is included in the payment.  You can obtain your 6 digit number from our Business Manager Mike Newton at 513-367-9086 x211 or mnewton@stjb.net.


Stock Donations for Regular Collections or New Church Donation

Donations can be made with the sale of stock.  The sale and donation process does vary based on what the donor holds (shares with a broker, mutual fund, direct registration assets, or physical stock certificates).  Please contact our Business Manager Mike Newton at 513-367-9086 x211 or mnewton@stjb.net for details. 


Memorial Donations In Honor of A Deceased Family Member

These donations are welcome and are usually coordinated through the funeral home.