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The Vigil for the deceased, commonly known as the Visitation, is the initial rite celebrated by the Christian community at the time following death and before the funeral liturgy and the rite of committal.  The Vigil usually takes place in a funeral home.

The celebration of the visitation is the time for the Christian community to offer both prayer and consolation to the members of the bereaved family.  It also allows the community to read and reflect on the Word of God; to call upon our God of Mercy through intercessory prayer; and to provide an opportunity for family and friends to recall the memory of their loved one. 


Are we able to have our visitation at St. John the Baptist instead of the funeral home?

St. John the Baptist does offer our Gathering Space for a funeral visitation at no additional fee.  The visitation is restricted to one hour and is held immediately prior to the Mass of Christian Burial.  The funeral home may arrive 30 minutes prior to the visitation for setup.  There is no music permitted during the visitation.  Usage is based on availability of the space, so it is not guaranteed.  Please call the Parish Funeral Line to check on availability.


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