Radiate Christ - 2020 Fall/Advent Mission

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Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Our 2020 Fall/Advent Mission has begun.

Are you not able to get out as often as you like?

Do you want to view our Fall/Advent Parish Mission virtually?

 Great news, you can do that via our Youtube Channel, by following the link on our homepage at stjb.net, or by typing the links listed below into your web browser.

A new link will be added each week until you have completed all sessions.

Session One: My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ - https://youtu.be/gpzYyA48FvI

Session Two: Searching for Meaning in a World Wounded by Sin - https://youtu.be/o0_sPucl-G4

Session Three: 1821 Forward: The Growth of a Believing Community - https://youtu.be/YNVvnGrYXfg

Link to Pastoral Letter: https://www.thecatholictelegraph.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/pastoral-letter_radiate-christ-1.49.55-PM.pdf

If you have any questions or would like a digital copy of the participant sheet, email me at ehollis@stjb.net.

In Christ’s Love,