BEFORE SUBMITTING A REQUEST: Please check the online calendar to make
 sure that the facility you're requesting is not already reserved on the date and
 time you wish to use it.

  - Please select your organization from the drop-down menu. The new
  organization field should only be used if yours is not found in the menu.

  - Start/end times will be published on our parish calendar and should reflect
 when your event begins and ends. Any additional time you need in a facility
 outside of the actual event time should be entered in minutes under set up/clean
 up time.

 CONFIRMATION EMAIL: You will receive an immediate automated reply once
 you submit your request. Your request is NOT approved and scheduled until you
 receive a second email from the Administrative Assistant confirming that the
 event has been added to our calendar. Please allow one business week for
 your request to be processed. If you do not receive a final scheduling
 confirmation, or if you have any questions, please contact the Administrative
 Assistant at 513-367- 9086 ext. 217.

 WORK ORDERS: If you require any setup assistance for your event (tables,
 chairs, etc.) Please contact Tom Hoeffer at 513-367-9086 ext. 212 to submit a
 work order.

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