VIRTUS: Decree on Child Protection

To remain in compliance with The Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s Decree on Child Protection, regular volunteers are required to submit to a background check and fingerprinting, as well as attend a 3 hour VIRTUS training session on the topic. Pre-registration is required to attend all VIRTUS sessions and you can do that at the above VIRTUS link underlined in red. 

Youth and Young Adult Ministries


Youth Ministry Mission Statement

WE BELIEVE; All youth are to be supported, valued, and united in love and service to God, self, and others. All youth are to be open to change and challenge, in a Christian atmosphere that encourages participation, free expression, and fun as demonstrated by Christ in the Bible. 
WE SERVE; High school teens and young adults, regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs, in our parish, in our community, in our country, and in our world. 
WE ARE COMMITTED; To presenting a variety of opportunities that will challenge the whole person, and invite them to mature in mind, body and spirit. So they may discover God in themselves and others, and find a friend in Jesus Christ. 
THEREFORE WE DO; Intend to develop and maintain Total Youth Ministry at St. John the Baptist Parish, by nurturing the whole person, and creating and maintaining a safe and enjoyable Christian atmosphere.


Youth Ministry Purpose

To remain in alignment with, “Renewing the Vision, a Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry” by serving all high school students and young adults. We are to empower them to live as disciples of Christ, draw them to active and responsible participation in the life and mission of our parish, and foster their personal and spiritual growth.

Youth Ministries

St. John Youth Ministries serves ALL youth in our area from 8th grade up to and through 12th grade. We offer a wide variety of events, activities, projects and happenings. We support our parish through Stewardship, sharing of time, talent and treasure. We volunteer for parish events and school events as well as our annual summer festival. We also serve as Religious Education catechists and aides, Lectors and ExtraOrdinary Ministers of Holy Communion. We invite and encourage all youth in this age group to participate and bring their friends in order to spread the Gospel message.

We meet on Sunday nights from 4:00 - 7:00 pm in the Jr. High building.

Young Adult events held monthly or semi-monthly include: Young Adult Bible Study for college age and older, Theology on Tap, Young Adult gatherings on the second & fourth Wednesdays at 7 p.m. as well as occasional outings and meetings. Some of our Young Adults also help out the St Vincent DePaul Society with their furniture ministry. Still others serve as chaperones, drivers, crew leaders and more for our Mission Trip and other road trips. 

Some of our annual events are: Mission Trip to Jackson, Ky., Youth Renew youth retreat experience here on our grounds, Youth Renew “road teams” to other parishes, Christmas caroling in the Harrison area and at Mt. St. Joe, Christmas in Jackson, Postponing Sexual Involvement series, and door-to-door canned food collection.

Our mission at S.J.Y.M. is to SERVE ALL YOUTH! We use a Total Youth Ministry model. We are open to and welcome all suggestions and ideas and encourage you to call us at 513-367-9086, Ext. 218.